Welcome to Our Website,, Our software is a fantastic parental tool designed to silently monitor all activity on any target pc or computer etc. Have you ever wanted to silently monitor your kids while they are online? maybe they have been chatting to someone you would rather they left alone? or maybe they are visiting banned, adult or even worse suicide assist websites? Does this seem far fetched?. Well it does happen and HAS happened, DO NOT underestimate the need to be able to make sure YOUR loved ones are safe and sound.

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The internet is a dangerous place

As i mentioned above, the internet is a very highly dangerous place where your child CAN, within 2/3 clicks be on any type of porn site, suicide assist sites and also chat to other people. DO NOT underestimate the danger this poses to your child or loved one. All we ask is that you install our software so you can silently monitor them and keep them safe whilst they are online.

How to protect YOuR loved ones

It is easy to install, safe to use and is a much needed security addition to ANY parents toolkit, I am talking about Parental app software, the brilliant new parental monitoring application designed for parents to meet and exceed all of today's needs. If you would like to be able to silently record all activity on their pc, then review the logged activity at a later stage then our Parental app is ALL YOU NEED...

  Keystroke Recorder - Monitor Every Key Pressed
  Stealth & Hotkey Now Supported In Free Version!
  Free Updates For Life Of Product
  100% Portable
  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Compatible
  No Virus, Spyware OR Adware In Our Software EVER!.

  Free Version Is Heavily Restricted & Only Keystrokes Are Recorded.

Parental APP/ will capture ALL passwords typed meaning this really is a brilliant all in one monitoring solution for ALL parents. Our Parental app will capture every keystroke on any pc, computer or laptop!... Just Some Of The Uses For Parental APP/:

PARENTS: 20 or 30 yrs ago we did not have the need for a Parental app because computers in their current form simply did not exist, with the advent of this technology came more danger which could give pedophiles instant access remotely to ANY of your children. You might be thinking "I don't need a Parental app, my kids safe". What you need to know is that most parents do NOT KNOW about a problem until they have happened and its too late. DO NOT underestimate the risk to your children or loved ones online.

SCHOOLS: Schools are another place which would benefit from our Parental app software, teachers can install our program onto any amount of school pc's, computers and laptops. Make sure the kids are not only safe but doing the work that they are supposed to and not visiting social media sites.

EMPLOYERS: Employers can install our software onto any amount of computers or laptops that they own, this will help you monitor your staff and make sure they are working and not playing games or posting on social media sites etc.


Parental APP/ has been tested at all stages of production and is 100% safe and secure

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Parental APP/ is one of only a handful of Parental app software titles that is truly 100% portable and does not need install onto any pc, computer or laptop. You can run our Parental app software from a usb stick!.

our software has been checked by virustotal and Kaspersky and they are 100% safe and secure.